Waiting for the Macaws

Waiting for the Macaws is a haunting reminder of the scale and breadth of what can only be described as a catastrophe of the human spirit and imagination.” – WADE DAVIS, AUTHOR OF LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, EXPLORER-IN-RESIDENCE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY.

“Terry Glavin is a wise and eloquent writer whose clear-eyed intelligence explores our conflicted relationship with nature and our fellow man. In Waiting for the Macaws he shows how we have shaped and disrupted the world we depend on. What Glavin has to tell is urgent, important, and well said.” – RONALD WRIGHT, AUTHOR OF A SHORT HISTORY OF PROGRESS.

Glavin is one of the prophets of our time. He is able to see things that others do not or will not see, and then put together these disparate pieces to make a new whole. Not only can he see them but he can spin them into stories that speak to the deepest, most primal parts of the human brain.”- THE LITERARY REVIEW OF CANADA.

Published in the United States by Thomas Dunne Books as The Sixth Extinction: Journeys Among the Lost and the Left Behind, in Germany by Zweitausendeins as Warten Auf Die Aras, and in the United Kingdom by Saqi Books as The Lost and Left Behind: Stories from the Age of Extinctions.

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